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What is Blogging? - Tips for Beginners

Your cousin started a blog, Your mom started a blog, Your neighbors started a blog, Everyone talking about blogging. But what is it?

I I'm gonna tell you about what blogging is. By the end of this you'll a better understanding about what blogging is. You know the purpose of blogging and as a bonus if you stick around until the end. You will find out How blogs make money.


What is Blogging?

What is Blogging? it seems to be a really popular question this. You know not surprisingly it's become more and more popular. It's actually more popular than ever. Now with more and more people discovering blogging, more and more tools becoming available and more platforms being offered online help to the newcomers. It's really no wonder why blogging is still booming. 

What is a Blog?

The term blog actually came from the words web and logging. The definition of blog according to Google is a regularly updated website or web page. Typically one run by an individual or a small group. That is written in an informal or conversational style. That's what Google says.

Now if you use the internet at all, without a doubt you've actually come across a blog at some point. The modern blog as we know it actually involved from online diaries. These online diaries were basically where people recorded events, where they share stories about what happened in their everyday lives. This personal Blogging originated from a man named Justin hall. Who began to blog while attending Swarthmore college. Now over time you know what ended up happening is blogging began to rise in popularity around 1999. The years following it's popularity began to increase a lot. Around that time you also saw the launch of sites like open diary, live journal and blogger which was actually purchased by Google. In 2003 in case you were wondering. But if you're not still wet behind the ears at all then you've probably actually recognized some of those sites that I just mentioned. In fact may have actually had a blog or a diary one of those websites. So essentially over time blogging has become to resemble more and more. What it looks like today?. This is largely a way for people to basically share. Their thoughts and ideas around topics or passions. That they might have and also a way to create an online income through content marketing as well. It's also become a way for businesses to grow. Though what's called search engine optimization in which case they're able to attract organic traffic, which is what's known as free traffic from search engines. You might be wondering at this point- what is the difference between a blog and a website.

What is the difference between blog and a website?

A blog or a website they're basically both website. There are stored on a domain. Any website.com is a domain. A blog can actually just be a section of that website or it can  encompass the entire website itself. It can be the website. So the blog can be the website. For an example,

You have a website, it's called website .com/blog . Now that right there that part of the website the slash blog portion is the actual blog portion of the website Or it could be website. com. In which case you have many different tabs and topics and there's tons of articles. The entire website is nothing but a blog. So essentially there isn't much difference between a website or blog. It really just depends on the purpose of the website. So for instance on this very same traveling.com website you could be selling luggage. That could be the primary purpose of the website to sell luggage. The blog on the other hand will just be part of the website. And it could be a separate portion that the owner have made. They can take advantage of search engine optimization finding people who are looking for topics around luggage. They lead them to their website and then maybe eventually discover that they sale luggage and then maybe make a sale. They can be separate like that but live on the same website that's one possibility. On the other hand if the only thing on the entire website was articles and contact around traveling and there's nothing else. Then that entire website can be referred to as a blog. So just to reiterate the website itself the entire website can be a blog. That's al the website is about is articles and contact around whatever topic or it could be a part of website. In which case you would say this is a website and the blog is part of it. So again that slash blog portion it's just part of the website. As a whole but it doesn't encompass what the website's purpose is. Now this point you're probably also thinking a little bit deeper. What is the actual purpose of a blog? That's another question as well. 

What is the actual purpose of a blog? 

Another question that you really should be asking yourself when it comes down to the purpose of a blog is?. What do you really mean by the question?. 

What I find most often when asked this question is that folks really just want to know If they actually need a blog. They want to know if it's worth the time and effort to create a blog, to maintain a blog. Is it really going to help my business?, Might be something they're wondering about. It's also important to know that the purpose of a blog for company or business would most likely be around improving their search rankings or help them sell their products or services. So having a solid blog for your brand or business can actually do wonders for the traffic that your website receives. So in essence your blog should drive more traffic to your website which should more leads to more sales or customer. Now the purpose of a blog for an individual could be entirely different. Many times bloggers just want to just share with the world their thoughts and ideas around their different passions and things like that. They want to connect with like-minded individuals who are also interested in same things. For instance if you love traveling and traveling is your passion. You may have a blog where you share information and tips and tricks and life events with your readers. That alone can be the entire purpose of your blog. Now in addition to that this very same person. Who's interested in traveling they might actually want to blog full time. In order to do that they realize that they need to be able make an income as well. They want to be able to travel the world while sharing these experiences but also have the money for it. Because traveling is expensive. They might want to maintain their blog and one way they could get around this might be to work with a partner with different brands or companies or other organizations out there to help them to continue to blog about what they're passionate about and what they love. But again have the funds to continue to do. One of the ways around this could be for them to from partnerships and you mutually bid official agreements or arrangements with these companies to share with their readers. This partnerships can become lucrative for both. The blogger and the businesses involved just depending on the readership of the blog itself. How many people are actually going to this blog every month, how many people are subscribed etc. So the real answer to what is the purpose of a blog is really - what does the blog do for you, what does the blog do for your business, how do you see that going that's really the answer to that. So once you know then the purpose of a  blog is just automatically revealed to you. Now for the bonus part of this topic.

Do Blog Make Money And If So How

The answer is yes they do. They definitely make money and the answer is they also make money in several different ways. So let's kind of like breeze through the different ways that blog can make money. The first way is through affiliate marketing. Now for those individuals that we just talked about earlier. 

Affiliate Marketing

This could be an opportunity for this person to make some money. So let's say you really love baking. It's just your passion it's something you've always done. This could be your opportunity for you to create an online income from your blog. There are many different ways that you can do this. One of the ways is through you know like I said affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is essentially when you recommend a particular product or service and you refer your readers to that company. In turn for that new customer that you provide them they give you a small commission at no additional cost to the customer. So again let's say, you are recommending a really really great baking pan or a really great baking sheet. I'm sure they're out there but let's say it's top notch and you wrote a review about it on your website or on your blog. You're basically recommending this baking sheet to your readers. When your readers click on the link and they purchase this baking sheet you receive a small commission. The customer again they don't pay anything extra but you make a little bit of money for referring the customer to that business. So in a nutshell that is what affiliate marketing is and how it works. One of the most common examples of this that you see really often is like through the Amazon associates program. You often see links to different products on blogs and other YouTube videos. If you really think about it I think about how many times you've heard something like- I'll leave the link in the description below. That's basically what affiliate marketing is. They are referring these particular services to you and they're getting a small commission. That's basically a win-win situation really for everybody in the equation. The new customer receives a product that they would not have otherwise known about. From a company that is recommended by someone they trust and the company has a new customer that they would not have otherwise had. If it not you know been for that blogger or influencer or whoever who recommended that. Another way that blogs make money is through Ad Network. 

Ad Network

You have 50,000 people. Every month then they come to your website. They're reading your articles and they're consuming your content. Another way you can make money online through your blog again is through in that network. So you want to get into a network as soon as you can . But an ad network is basically a network that you can apply to become part of and once approved they'll serve ads on your website. I say serve ads I mean they will show ads on your website. Usually you have to have a certain amount of monthly traffic to actually become part of these networks as well. So just keep that in mind. But in short what they do is, they sell, they serve those relevant ads to your readers. So if you have this baking website and your readers are on your site. They might see a lot of ads around baking pans and utensils and cookware stuff . The more people that see the ads the more income you make every month. It's really as simple as that. Now another way to make money on your blog. Which actually in my opinion probably one of the best ways is through promoting your own products or services. 

Promoting Your Own Products or services

This could be something as simple as an ebook. So let's say it's a high value ebook on baking and it's jam-packed with recipes you know your granny's recipes in this. It's basically recipes and things that your readers might love. So let's say you're offering this ebook on your site for 19.99. The more traffic that you have, the more readers that come back to your site each and every month. The more people will hopefully purchase your ebook. As a result you'll make a profit from each book sold. 

You have a resume focus blog and you offer resume writing services, Where you offer One-on-one consulting. This could be another way that you generate income. Another way that blogs make money is through What's called email marketing. Email marketing is a great way to generate income for your blog. So you come to my website, you sign up for my newsletter. I'm capturing your email address in this process. This provides me the opportunity to stay in contact with you. It gives me the opportunity to recommend products.

Hopefully by now you have a really good idea of what Blogging is.

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