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12 Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

Why You Start Blogging Today?- Tips For Beginners

Do you really need to be convinced to start a blog?. Do you really?. Okay all right, no worries. I'll convince you.

Today we're gonna talk about 12 simple reason, Why you should start a blog today.


You're passionate about something

Whatever you're truly passionate about a particular topic. For some reason there's always an urge to want to tell the world how great it is. I mean think about the last great movie you watched. Think about last awesome show that you saw on Netflix That you just being watched all the way through. Think about the last amazing vacation that you went on the new running club that you joined, the new cooking class that you took. You know when passionate about something it creates a drive within us to seek out more of those sort of feel good feeling. And emotions that are tied to whatever that thing is . The same thing can be said for a blog. So if you're really passionate about a topic that's a really great reason to start a blog about it. Why you're probably wondering right?. Because it will motivate you to keep going even when things get tough and it's something that you will enjoy writing about as well. Not only that it's something that you can relate to and something that you'll easily be able to think of new topics around as well. Not only that you'll be able to answer questions that newcomers might have with ease. And the content that you produce, it will be real, it will be authentic. Readers can really really tell, when you're really passionate about something and when you really not. Your passion it will and it should bleed through in your writing as well. 

You Love To Inspire Other

You should start a blog today reason number two is that you love to inspire others.

Some people just love to inspire others. We all have met people like that. They are good at it I mean it's just what they do. I'm not sure why but that's just how it is. This might be you. Maybe you're fantastic at inspiring others to take action to try something new or to keep working hard at something. Something they really care about. Maybe you're great at inspiring others to try something that they would not have. Otherwise had it not for you. 

Larn And Develop New Skills

Maybe you have the heart of a teacher and you're really great at educating and inspiring others . That's your calling reason number three is to learn and develop new skills.There are so many new skills that you learn when you start blogging. I mean setting up a domain, that can be a challenge for a lot of people. So setting up a domain, building the website and all those skills that come along with that, learning about SEO. You are probably like what is SEO . SEO mean search engine optimization. Learning how to create blog post, resizing images, working on others products like canva, Photoshop or lightroom. Learning how to take your own pictures for your blog, improving your writing skills. Learning how to create outlines for articles. Learning how to be more efficient with your time. Learning how to write blog post faster. There's so many things associated it. But if you're really looking for a challenge there's your reason. 

Build Your Online Brand

Now reason number four to start a blog is to build your online brand. Building your online brand can come in handy and really for several reasons. So perhaps you would love to be known for something or you like people to associate your name with a particular topic.

Like- how Gorda Ramsay is associated with world-class cooking. Michael Jordan when you hear his name you think about basketball. Arnold Schwarzenegger you think about bodybuilding. Maybe you want your name to be associated with something like minimalism or thrifting or photography, mountain climbing, whatever that thing is that you want to be associated with maybe that's the thing. You also might need to enhance your credibility and build authority around that as well. Maybe you're phenomenal interior designer but who else knows about it?. Having a blog will help you to create brand recognition as well. It's going to help you to create that really powerful recognition that we all know and love from other brands that we're familiar with. What do people think of when they see your face? Think about that. What would you like them to think about when they see your face. It's going to help you to create buzz, get people excited about what you have to offer. Get people talking about you. Who you are, what you're good at, what you've done. Why they think you're great, Why other should follow you as well. Those are some other pieces as well growing a following. The more people who know about you, the more people who will follow you, the more like-minded people will be drawn towards you. 

Generate Income

Now reason number is to generate income. So keeping it real. There are so many opportunities to make money online when you have a strong blog. You're able to build relationships with brand companies or businesses. You're able to connect those like-minded individuals to brands and companies and tools and resources that will help them to successful as well. You're able to share valid and relevant information about products, services, resources and tools that will actually help your audience. Because you use them as well. You know what works and you also know what doesn't work.

Connect With LikeMinded People

Reason number six to connect with like-minded people. When it comes down to starting a blog. One of the really big pieces is that connection that you form with your readers. People who are interested in a particular topic, they are really drawn to other folks in that field. I mean just think about people who are really into sports. They want to go to the bar, they want to talk about their teams, they wear the jerseys, they're really in it. Being able to connect with people that have that same mindset is very exciting, it's very energising as well. So if you really looking for a way to contact with other people, having a blog is a really great way to do.

Build Your Confidence

Reason number seven to start a blog is to build your confidence. You'll be thinking well, what do you mean blue building my confidence. My confidence is already up here, what are you talking about?. Starting a blog is going to help build your confidence because it's going to basically take you out of comfort zone. So as I mentioned earlier. There are so many things that you learn when you start a blog. How to build it, how to troubleshoot things. There are so many different moving parts with the the blog but learning those different pieces, tacking those different things. Becoming good at those things outside of your own work or other hobbies that you have is going to make you feel better. You're going to grow with your blog if that makes sense.

Document Your Life

Reason number eight to start a blog today is to document your life. I am going to say you about when it's really comes down to it People have blogs for different reasons. If you want to document or sort of journal different experiences. That you're having in your life then that might be a reason. So let's say you're experiencing a traumatic event or let's say you have illness and you want to blog about it. Let's say you've been blessed and you're able to live and work another country and you want to have a blog about your experiences. You want to document your life. This is an opportunity for you to share those experiences with other people. When is come down to it, there are probably other people out there that are interested in what you have to say. Because maybe they too are thinking about relocating to another country. Maybe they too are experiencing that particular illness that you are. Maybe they want to know more about it. Maybe they want to know how other people are coping with that. Maybe there's not a lot of information online about it. So they want to find your blog. Maybe that's why they come across your blog.

A Creative Outlet

Reason number nine is that blogging provides you with a creative outlet. If you're a really creative like I am. Blogging really does help you with that outlet. Because there are so many different ways and so many different things out there that we can do To sort of focus our creative energy on. But blogging is really unique. There's so many different pieces to it. We can take our thoughts and ideas and we can put them into words. We can put them into images that we want to share. We can take images if we're into photography for instance. We can take those same images and wave those into our blog. We can just whatever we want to. 

Make A Real Difference

Now reason number ten to start a blog is Make A Real Difference. You can make a real difference with a blog. I mean like I said before. Depending on what you want to talk about, depending on what your topic is. You can make a really difference in someone else's life. Someone can be struggling they can be going through the same things that you're going through. Maybe your blog is helping other people through something that you've already experienced. Maybe you're an adult now and your blog is all about getting through college and anything that you can think of that people are going through when they go to college. Maybe your blog addresses that. Maybe this is giving them thoughts and ideas or solutions to problems that they're encountering in college. You can make a really difference whether it or not to even just a handful of people. That is very rewarding in and of itself. There's not many thanks that we can do out there. That is satisfying for ourselves as well. That would benefit other people. 

Incredible Personal Growth

Now number 11 for stating a new blog is going to be incredible personal growth. You can really grow a lot when you start a blog. Depending on what you are talking about the topics around your blog. I mean sharing that can be very vulnerable. Depending on what you're taking about the experiences about the blog. Maybe you need to learn a little bit of HTML. Maybe this is your first time learning how to make a website. Maybe this is your first time to learning about search engine optimization (SEO). Maybe you have taken some courses around it. Maybe you need to get better at copy. Maybe you want to dive into Google analytics and what that looks like and how you can read it. Maybe you want to do ads to push people to visit your website. All of this different skills and all these different experiences add to that personal growth. What on the surface might just look like a blog or a hobby or whatever it is. That people around you might see this as. But at the end of the day it's going to provide you with incredible personal growth. 

It's A Lot Of Fun

Reason number 12 for blogging is that it's a lot of fun. No matter what people say out here. I know that blogging has its ups and downs. It can be challenging. It can be frustrating sometimes. Because you just can't figure out how to make that picture stay in the middle of the page and You tried everything you can't figure it out. It could be things like that. But aside from that blogging can also a lot of fun. Learning how to build a website, that can be really exciting. Being excited about taking pictures for your blog. Being able to use that new camera that you have or the camera that your. Spouse your family member purchased for you. Being able to use that on your blog. Being able to share those experiences with other people writing could be a really big passion. It could be something that really excites you. It's something that really motivate you. This is your opportunity to do that and that can be fun for you. It can be fun and exciting to create a blog. Write tons of contant, just write blog after blog and then go and look your Google analytics and see that thousands of people are coming to read your content every single month. That is very exciting is extremely exciting and it's very motivating too to have a blog.

I really hope that you found this content very valuable.

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