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Top 10 Blogging Terms You Need To Know

 The Top 10 Blogging Terms

The top 10, You want to know the top 10 blogging terms?. It's TECH HONEY with simply smarter income helping you to create a profitable blogging business. So you finally made it here and you have already started on your blogging journey. And you're looking for more information or you entirely new to blogging. You're still a  little confused about some of the blogging terms that you've heard and you're wondering oh my god what about the blogging terms that i haven't heard of before. So you start to do more and more research on how to start a successful blog, You realize that there's actually a lot more to the whole blog thing. You may have once thought that blogging was just as simple as setting down at a computer or a laptop and just stretching out your nimble little fingers and just start to write whatever comes to mind. I am here to tell you that isn't quite right but I am here to help. So if you want to jump start your blogging career, I'm going to definitely help you out in that arena. So I'm going to share 10 blogging terms that you absolutely must know when creating content for your blog or for your online business.

10 Blogging Terms That You Must Know

Keyword Research

The first blogging term that you really need to know it's to me like one of the most important ones and that blogging term is Keyword Research. Keyword Research is the bread and butter of blogging. Keyword Research provides you with specific data that can actually help you answer questions that people are looking for the answers to. So with keyword Research you are actually able to find the answer to many questions that would give you an advantage over your competition. This type of research typically provide you with significant insight into, what people really want and what it is that people actually need. Keyword research provide you with the answers to questions like these and more. So for essence you'll be able to answer the questions. What are people searching online for, how many people actually searching on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. In what way do they like to have their information delivered to them. Those are some additional questions. So in addition to this keyword research will help you to discover keywords. That would be ideal for you to rank for in search results as well. This will actually help you to determine what keywords and what variations of keywords are most popular in online searches as well. So once you can actually home in on specific keywords using your keyword research tool. You'll actually be able to discover other related keywords. This includes most common questions that people might ask. And topics that are related to your content that you may not have actually thought about. This includes common questions that are asked and topics for related content that you may not have actually thought of on your own. So besides discovering new keywords or discover new topics related to those keywords. Keyword research will also help you to find out the search volume related to these keywords as well. The higher search volume for any given keyword typically the more challenging it is to rank in the search results. This is also known as keyword difficulty. If you target a keyword that has a very high search volume chances are there will be lot of competition from other websites. That have also been trying to rank for that same keyword. So another way to look at this is the more popular the topics or keyword the higher chances that the keyword will be difficult to rank for . Just because the keyword has high search volume and high competition doesn't mean that you're not going to be able to rank for that keyword. It just means that it will require much more effort and a bit more skill to actually rank organically in the search results. As a new blogger it's often exhilarating to simply go after keywords or topics that we feel really strongly about. But chances are those very same topics are very popular and that means that there are a lot of other people out there, That are basically looking to target those same keywords. So there are a lot of competition. Understanding this dynamic is important when starting a blog. Especially starting a new blog. It's not advantageous for you to go after high volume, high difficult keyword for your new blog and if you do just know that it will take you a very long time to rank for those keywords. There are also a strong chance that you actually may never rank for those keywords as well. So if you really just have to keep that in mind. In fact it's actually ideal to go after specific keywords that have good search volume but lower competition. 

Long-Tail Keywords

The second blogging term that you want to make sure is called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are another cornerstone of logging. Earlier we just discussed keyword research. Long-tail keywords play a significant role in keyword research because it can help new and older websites and blogs pull in more organic traffic. So long tail keywords are actually longer and more specific keywords. This keywords are used more commonly by users of search engines that have high purchase intent. This means that they're thinking about buying and they're deciding on buying something or they are actually ready to buy like right now. An example of a long-term keyword might be like a single keyword. So an example of a long-tail keyword might be bottled water. I would say that might be like a single keyword phrase. A short keyword phrase might be something like chilled bottled water and I would like to say a long-tail keyword would be individually packaged chilled bottled water. So the reason why long-tail keywords are essential for your blog is because of the following reasons. 

  1. Long-tail keywords are generally low competition. This means that they're easier to rank for than single word Keywords

  2. Long-tail keywords convert better and long-tail keywords are basically better at converting than single word or even short keyword phrases. Because they're more specific.

  3. I just talked about the individually wrapped chilled bottled of water like think about how specific that is.

So the take a way here is that if you want to start to rank faster overall and if you want to rank better. You need to begin to use long tail keywords like there's no tomorrow. 

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Now the third blogging term that you really need to know is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. So the simply put SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a website within a search engine. This is actually one of the best ways to increase traffic organically to a website.

Meta Description

Now the number four is Meta Description. Meta description are essential when it comes to what we call on-page SEO. Meta description are basically brief descriptions that help to summarize. What a web page is all about?. It helps search engines understand what content is actually about.

Blogging Silos Or Categories

Now the number five is blogging silos or categories. Blogging silos or categories are basically a part of how a website is structured. It's the main way that blog posts and contact are grouped together by topic.

Anchor Text

Now the number six is anchor text. Anchor text should be another vital part of your blogging term arsenal. Anchor text is basically the clickable text found in a hyperlink on a webpage. In most browsers it's typically blue and underlined when you go to website. But basically it provides search engines with more insight and contextual information about the content of the links destination. So for instance if you have a link that says best bottled water and there's a link to a webpage. Then basically this is a way for them to say this page that I'm being directed to is about the best bottled water. That's kind of what registers in the search engines. It's basically showing this is what that page about. So hopefully that makes sense.

Posting Schedule

Now number saven is posting Schedule. Now coming up a reliable posting Schedule is really important for a blog. I mean  creating a good schedule can do wonders for your productivity. It can actually help you stay organized as well. Let's your readers know when to expect new contract and even help your content actually rank faster once Google and other search engines notice your posting pattern. And definitely a really important word for you to know.


Now the number eight blogging terms is permalink. It's good to know what a permalink is when you're a blogger. A permalink is essentially a URL that is permanent and doesn't change. It's the permanent destination for a particular webpage. If you are a wordpress user there are several options available. So I recommend actually using the post name option under permalink in wordpress.

Affiliate Marketing

Now the number nine blogging term is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is definitely one of the most crucial blogging terms on this list. Affiliate Marketing is earning commissions by promoting other companies or other people's products or services. Now it's important to know that you make these commissions at no additional cost to the customer. I like to look at it as a sort of finders fee. The company is comfortable paying you a small commission for referring a new customer and it's a new customer that if not for you. They may not have ever had. So that's Affiliate Marketing.

Call To Action

Now term number ten is call to action. Call To Action is when you instruct the user of your blog or website to take a specific action. An example of this, When you see click here or buy now. Call to action or CTA'S which is short for often takes the form of hyperlinks or buttons on web pages. 

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